Slide • Complete accounting in our program (oris, fmg);

• Monthly declaration
Production of documents

• Financial reporting on demand

• Tax consultations

• Restoration and automation of past accounting

• Systematic oversight of accounting
Accounting services
Services Financial services • Preparation of financial statements (profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement, capital movement statement, accounting policy statement)

• Financial analysis

• Budget planning

• Identify future risks

• Business consulting

• Managerial accounting
Audit services • A financial audit determines the compliance of the Company's financial statements with International Financial Reporting Standards, including an audit of the Company's financial position (balance sheet), profit or loss (income statement), cash flow statement (cash flow statement) and changes in equity.

• Tax audit - checking the state of accounting and tax accounting, which results in assessing the tax risks of enterprises and minimizing them. During the audit, the tax base of all types of taxes is checked
We cooperate with the leading insurance companies in the market, our partnership includes the following areas:
• Calculate losses as a result of inventory damage

• Damage assessment of industrial and commercial installations

• Assess the interior design of real estate

• Real estate / movable property appraisal
Assessment of insurance losses